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Jason started beekeeping back in 1999 while he was working at Amigo Centre.  He usually has two or three hives, but a few years ago, he started a side business where he captures swarms and removed established hives from trees, shed, houses, etc. His hope is that some of these "feral" bees will be resistant to some of the conditions currently plaguing commercial beekeepers. He now keepshives at home and also at his job at Ebersole Environmental Center.  One of the hives at Ebersole is an observation hive that Jason built in March 2006. He also built a carrying case which allows him to take been into classrooms to teach kids about bees.
Along with being an amateur beekeeper, Jason enjoys designing and building beekeeping tools and equipment.  He has built his own custom hive boxes, the observation hive and his own design for a bee vacuum (for removing bees).  Beekeeping questions? ContactUs!.
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