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In 2004, I bought a 1980 Honda CX 500 Deluxe from one of my brother's co-workers for $100.  At the time I thought it was just cheap transportation, but I have really gotten to like the bike.
The CX is a water-cooled, shaft driven v-twin with an inline crankshaft, which means the engine is situated transversely, so the cylinder heads stick out the sides.
When I got the bike, it had been stored outside for a few years and was not running.  I drove it home on the back of a pickup and before I unloaded it, I played with it a while and got it running!  The fuel tank was pretty well rusted, so I bought a POR brand tank sealer kit and cleaned and recoated it.  I also rebuilt the carburetors and the air cut offs.  the bike also had an oil leak around the front of the case.  I pulled it apart and found that the gasket had a fold in it, probably since it was new.
I have also spent a lot of time scrubbing rust off of the chrome and shining it up.
The front brake caliper kept sticking, even after cleaning the master cylinder several times, so I eventually swapped out the master cylinder and reservoir for one from a 1978 CX parts bike that I have.
I have ordered new tires for the CX, but they have not arrived yet.  I decided to order Bridgestone SE11 Spitfires after excellent reports from others on the CX 500 discussion group.
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