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Our Pets

Sometimes we have a hard time differentiating between pets and livestock.


We have had Clack the longest. We adopted her and her brother Click when we lived in Michigan. Their mother was a stray and the kittens were learning to eat birds from the bird feeders at the Nature Center. Click was killed about a year after we got them, so we just have Clack left. She traveled with us in the front of the moving van when we moved to Pennsylvania and on the seat of the pickup beside Janine when we moved back to Michigan

Soon after we moved to our house, we were adopted by another cat, that we named "Casper".  He has more personality than any other cat I have ever met.  He also has less intelligence than most cats.  He thinks he is a dog and will often follow us wherever we go.
Jason also has several hives of bees that he thinks are pets, but no one else thinks so.  He has them mostly for fun, but hopes to get some honey from them one of these years as well.
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